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Muir Woods Half Day Tour

Muir Woods and Sausalito Tour


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  • Complimentary SF hotel pickup & drop off
  • Spend about 1.5 hours at the park
  • See some of the tallest trees in the world
  • Enjoy the tranquility inside the forest
  • Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Optional drop-off at Sausalito
  • Upgrade to take the ferry back to SF
  • Free WiFi on vehicle
  • Also available in the afternoon
Muir Woods Expedition & Sausalito Morning Tour

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Tour Prices*Adults (12+)Children (< 11)
Regular Price:$79$74
Internet Special:$76$71

Muir Woods AM, with San Francisco Bay Cruise PM
Tour Prices*Adults (12+)Children (< 11)
Regular Price:$111$99
Internet Special:$86$81

*Tour prices do not include Muir Woods park entrance fee of $15 or meals. 

Muir Woods Expedition & Sausalito Tour

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Golden Gate National Recreation Area now requires advance reservations for private vehicles wishing to utilize the parking areas at Muir Woods National Monument. We offer daily departures -- book your San Francisco Redwoods Tour with us and secure your spot to see the Redwoods. 

Our Muir Woods Expedition & Sausalito Tour from San Francisco starts off with a complimentary hotel pick up in San Francisco. This is the combined Muir Woods Half Day Tour & Sausalito Tour that spends the most time in the forest! For approximately 1.5 hours, you'll be gazing up into the forest's canopy, surrounded by Coast Redwood before heading to the town of Sausalito.

Then cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and arrive in Muir Woods. Follow the trails and breathe in the fresh air during the best time of day to visit Muir Woods! The main trail has a boardwalk and runs along the shadowy Redwood creek. There is a half hour loop, a one hour loop, and a one hour and a half loop. Of course, there are longer trails that extend into surrounding parks, but the tallest Redwoods grow along the main trail, as it is at a lower elevation and the trees receive enough water from the creek. Other trails are pretty steep and require at least half a day to complete.

Don’t get a sore neck, these are some of the tallest trees in the word! Make sure you also appreciate the sights and smells down on the ground. During December, the heart of the Salmon breeding season, you may even get to see Salmon forging their way up stream to spawn and end their life cycle! In May it’s a race against time as the fingerling salmon hurry to get out to sea before the reducing water flow allows the waves to close off the mouth of the creek. 

Take it easy and stroll along the mostly flat valley floor along Redwood Creek, or get an aerobic workout climbing the paths up the valley slopes so you can look out at the tops of some of the tallest trees in the world. Then head to Sausalito to see the seaside city. Stroll along the waterfront or have some lunch! Here, we will drop off those who will take the ferry back to San Francisco.

Muir Woods with San Francisco Bay Cruise Combo: 

What can possibly follow basking in the wonder and majesty of the ancient redwoods then exploring perfectly picturesque Sausalito?

Top off this dazzling duo of natural beauty with a boat cruise around the San Francisco bay. Float by Angel Island, marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge up close, and snap sharable panoramic memories of the San Francisco skyline from the very best viewpoint---on the water.

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Muir Woods withSan Francisco Bike Rental Combo: 

Ancient redwoods that stretch hundreds of feet into the sky, a seaside town so picturesque it looks like a set in a movie, it doesn’t get better than Muir Woods and Sausalito!  Or does it…?

Put the “extra” in your Extranomical adventure when you score our $32 bike rental for only $10! (My latte cost this morning cost that much!)


5 tips to make the most of the Muir Woods hike:

1.     Discover the main trail as all the attractions are there!
2.     Enjoy the tallest trees in the Bohemian Grove
3.     Feel the spirit of the woods in the Cathedral Grove
4.     Find the Kent Memorial 
5.     Grab a souvenir at the Visitors Center

Note: For the rare event that commercial parking is not available at Muir Woods, we reserve the right to arrange an alternative destination for experiencing Giant Coastal Redwoods during your half a day in San Francisco trip.

San Francisco Muir Woods Expedition & Sausalito
Morning Tour - Times Approximate

Tour Length - 6 hours approximately

7:00 AM-8:30 AM
Pick up at San Francisco Hotels in Downtown or Fisherman's Wharf area. This tour will include a short drive-by of the beautiful San Francisco Waterfront and a quick stop at the Ferry Building.
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. Our Muir Woods Expedition & Sausalito Tour from San Francisco is the Muir Woods & Sausalito tour that lets you spend the most time in the forest! You'll have approximately 1.5 hours to gaze up into the forest's canopy and admire the Coastal Redwood Sequoias. Hike or walk while admiring some of the tallest redwood trees in the world. Stop in Sausalito and grab a quick lunch. Drop off those who are taking the ferry back to San Francisco.
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Tour will ride over the Golden Gate Bridge as it moves its way back to San Francisco. 
1:15 PM
Drop off at Hotel Zephyr - 250 Beach Street in Fisherman's Wharf; the heart of Fisherman's Wharf.